It can be difficult when you are planning a trip. Even more so when you are planning your dream vacation. Travel is such a wide ranging subject that the information on any particular destination can be daunting. And that’s just a short two to three day holiday. The planning becomes more tedious when you are considering longer getaways so much so that your enthusiasm diminishes even before you have taken the first step.


When it comes to exploring Australia, you do not need to worry about your planning. Coast 2 Coast is your local expert in Australia who can make your plan to explore its breathtaking beauty and memorable destinations a little bit simpler.

Coast 2 Coast has the resources, articles and links that will help you thresh out the details of your trip. We have collected and curated an array of articles and resources that are highly relevant to your planned visit Australia. Aside from the more popular recommendations, on this website you can also learn about those little-known but extremely interesting nooks and crannies.

However, we are not your typical travel website. We like to think of ourselves as explorers sharing our experience and knowledge gained from a lifetime of exploring the wonders that Australia has to offer. Even for locals, Australia never ceases to amaze. It offers a diverse array of experiences from outdoors to indoors, from countryside to urban jungle Australia has a lot to offer. Here you can experience beaches, deserts, mountings, rainforests and then just a few hours later find yourself in one of its modern cities.

This is the reason Australia is an attractive destination to all kinds of travelers and explorers. No matter what your interests are, there is something that Australia has to offer. Visit spectacular beaches like Bondi Beach in Sydney or the world’s largest structure built by living organisms – The Great Barrier Reef. You can even take a day trip and go camping at the world famous Australian rock – Uluru – and learn interesting facets of aboriginal culture along the way.

Find out and experience why Australian cities have been consistently ranked among the top liveable cities in the world. Visit Melbourne, the cultural, educational, and sports capital of Australia Then take a side trip to the nearby Yarra Valley wine making region to enjoy exquisite chardonnay and pinot noir that will surely please the most discerning connoisseur.

The sights and attractions in Australia are only exceeded by the warmth and friendliness of its people. Browse through our collection of articles about local businesses who are worth visiting like the Flower Drum and Pei Modern, both among the best dining experiences in Melbourne.

Coast 2 Coast also boasts a comprehensive collection of articles and guides on traveling in Australia. If you are coming from overseas, read through in-depth articles on document requirements, Visa tips and advice, as well as health requirements.

Our extensive collection of trip guides for various destinations in Australia has invaluable advice on the things to do and watch out for. Read through the experiences of others who have had memorable experiences so you can mix and match the best ideas to make your trip just as memorable.
To avoid any inconveniences or hassle during your trip, Coast 2 Coast also has resources and links on traveler safety as well as checklists, road trip guides, and even the occasional solo-backpacker guide through particular regions.